Speed Dial in the Cloud
Anyone can use CROCODOOR for Free.

Speed Dial in the Cloud

CROCODOOR is the cloud based Speed Dial service.

CROCODOOR can be saved your favorite web site in the cloud, so you can access your favorite site from any PC and any Browser(*1).

*1 IE9 or more/Safari/Chrome/Firefox/Opera etc..

Easy Sign Up with SNS Account

You don't need create a new account for CROCODOOR.

You can use CROCODOOR with your Facebook,Twitter or Google Account for Free.

Even if you are a new user, you can sign up by clicking Facebook,Twitter or Google button.

*When available, you need to agree to terms and conditions.

Change the design for your favorite

You can change the design for your favorite.
ex) size, shape, shadow type of thumbnail

I want to be particular and because it is a thing to use every day, we respond to such a feeling.

We will continue to increase items that can be customized in the future.
How to use CROCODOOR Chrome Extension for CROCODOOR
You can easily register the bookmark to your favorite site.
Please perform drag & drop of the following link to a bookmark bar.